Durable Materials

Camparca is made of stainless steel/aluminium in combination with HPL compact materials. Thus, it is water, sun, scratching, and UV resistant and the most durable product on the market.

Extendable Surface

Extendable sides make the perfect camping table in seconds. Together with the side table position, you can use Camparca as a fully comfortable camping table setup for 2+1 people.

Foldable Legs

Camparca comes with a foldable legs system which makes it easy to carry, move, and set up. Every leg has an independent height-adjustable system, which makes Caparca compatible with any terrain.


Ultimate Stability

Rotating, wide footprint, extendable legs add extra stability to Camparca. Set up custom height for each leg with a single press while an automatic locking position system makes it extra safe. 

Self-Standing, Portable Stove

Made of stainless steel, the windshield-designed gas stove comes with an electronic lighter. With several levels of firepower -up to 5500W, it offers you a safe cooking experience. Made for integrated or independent use.

Multi-Cook Setup

Cooking and grilling, pasta and beef, Camparca give a simultaneous cooking experience. Outdoor cooking has never been easier. With a double stove system, every challenge becomes a memorable experience.


Independent Spice Racks

A two-sided independent space for spices helps you to bring both small and bigger bottles where you can carry your precious spices. If any oil or spice is leaking, it will not reach your dishes or glasses.

Huge Capacity Drawers

Everything you need in a kitchen perfectly fits into double drawer compartments. No need to carry any additional bag for the dishes. With Camparca, you have it all ready! Full-size dishes and pots make the cooking experience home-like.

Drop-in Gas Cartridge Holder

Safety is one of the most important topics in any outdoor adventure. Gas cartridge drop-in holder keeps the cartridge away from any movable parts while the gas connector system brings maximum leaking protection.


A Word
From Innovator

My Story

I started camping from my early childhood with my family. On a camping site, one of the biggest challenges is to prepare the food. With Camparca, outdoor cooking becomes a memorable experience!

Vladimir Nastic
Lifelong Camper

Outdoor Moments

The Best Outdoor Memories

Are Made Together.


Camparca brings fine dining outdoor. Stunning landscapes, fresh air, and perfect meals are awaiting you.



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