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Welcome To Camparca's Outdoor Dining Revolution, Where Gastronomy and Environment Converge!


Nurturing a deep appreciation for nature's beauty.
Preserving and protecting the environment.
Promoting sustainable practices.

Our vision is to inspire a global community of outdoor dining enthusiasts, where Camparca becomes synonymous with unforgettable culinary experiences in breathtaking landscapes. We strive to redefine the way people connect with nature, fostering a deep appreciation for fine dining, fresh air, and the beauty of our planet, one meal at a time.


Our mission is to elevate the dining experience by seamlessly blending the art of fine dining & fine cuisine with the beauty of outdoor environments. We strive to empower you to fully immerse in stunning landscapes, breathe in the fresh air, and savor perfect meals.


Culinary Excellence

We are committed to delivering exceptional outdoor culinary experiences, using the finest ingredients, innovative techniques, and skilled craftsmanship.

Nature Appreciation

We deeply value the beauty and serenity of the natural world, promoting an appreciation for stunning landscapes and fostering a sense of stewardship towards the environment.

Connection & Togetherness

We believe in the power of shared moments, encouraging connections and fostering meaningful relationships through the joy of outdoor dining.

Adventure, Exploration

We embrace the spirit of adventure, inspiring our community to explore new horizons, discover hidden gems, and embark on culinary journeys in untamed landscapes.


We are dedicated to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices, reducing waste, and making conscious choices to minimize our impact on the environment.

Authenticity & Innovation

We strive for authenticity in our offerings, blending traditional and modern approaches to create unique dining experiences that surprise and delight our community.


Camparca's Core Team

Vladimir Nastić

Founder & Product Designer

Patricija Tramošljanin

Co-Founder & CEO

Tomislav Bajunović

Co-Founder & CTO

Camparca's Creative Team

Bojan Orešković

Brand Designer

Jan Feusi

Mechanical designer

Darko Siplic

Problem Solver

Camparca's Production & Montage Team

Camparca's Bags Production Team