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Camparca Concept 2


Whether you're a beginner in outdoor dining or already have your dining set, the Camparca™ Essential Model is the perfect starting point.
It offers all the necessary components and can be easily upgraded at any time to suit your evolving needs and preferences.


Meet Camparca™ Essential.

Camparca™ Essential Model encompasses a comprehensive set of essentials for novice outdoor diners, including a spices bag, gas stove, wooden cutting board, drawer organizer, cutlery set, cover bag, modular frame, and HPL table extension.

  • Elements


  • Weight


  • Material

    Powder Coated Aluminium
    Pre Anodized Aluminium

Included in Essential model:


User Case 1 | Folded Legs

Camparca is designed to be used with folded legs for instant use, allowing you to access all functionalities seamlessly, even in this compact configuration.

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Capture the essence of every beautiful outdoor moment, whether you find yourself by the tranquil lake, flowing river, or mesmerizing seaside.

User Case 2 | Unfolded Legs

Camparca is versatile and adaptable, as it can be used with extended legs, offering height adjustability to tackle any terrain effortlessly while ensuring stability and convenience.

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With Camparca, you can indulge in your favorite drink or savor a fine meal, immersing yourself in the perfect harmony of nature's beauty and culinary delights.

User Case 3 | Stove Positions

The integrated stove in Camparca is incredibly versatile, thanks to its own leg system, making it portable and enabling its use in multiple setup options.

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Let Camparca elevate your outdoor experience, allowing you to fully embrace the magic of breathtaking landscapes while satisfying your taste buds with memorable refreshments and exquisite cuisine.